Enterprise Cloud Computing is defined as computing environment residing behind a firewall that delivers software, infrastructure and platform services to an enterprise. Enterprise Cloud is the combination of public cloud as well as private cloud and single-tenant dedicated environments. It is the combination of Public Cloud And Private Cloud.

With Enterprise Cloud Computing, the bottlenecks that occurs with the configuration, expansion and replacement of traditional on premise IT systems and components can be eliminated, since the IT infrastructure can be expanded or contracted on demand through virtualization. Enterprise Cloud computing eliminates the typical challenge presented by localized power grid interruptions, physical data loss due to catastrophic events and malicious on site attacks to the IT infrastructure within an organization. The cloud computing framework provides an optimal environment for faster, safer and cheaper delivery of IT services within an enterprise.

Using Primenet Enterprise Cloud gives you several Advantages :

  • Superior speed and performance for IT resources
  •  More efficient utilization of IT resources
  •  Lower IT infrastructure and Operational costs
  • Capable of handling peaks in demand for IT resources, like web applications and services.
  • Safer computing environment, through the use of virtual servers
  • Negligible threat of an onsite intruder attack on the physical storage devices within a data center.

Availability, Security And Performance are the Core of Enterprise Cloud