Cloud Desktop

Cloud Desktop is like entire computer inside a cloud. With cloud desktop you do not need to carry any laptop anywhere and it can be accessed from any part of the world. It really doesn’t matter whose or which system you are using , you can simply logon to cloud to get access of your system.

The best part of cloud desktop is that there is no need of syncing the cloud desktop with desktop or smart phone. When you open your cloud desktop , it will always be the same for all devices.Cloud Desktop is capable of doing every single thing that a laptop or a smart phone can do. It can be accessed from any web browser in the world from any computer or mobile device.

Basically , your computer, your content and your applications are all accessible from any device any where.

Advantages of CLOUD DESKTOP

  • Run any Software Application – download and run any software or cloud service on your Cloud Desktop e.g. Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Mikogo, etc.
  • Remote File Access – all your computer files and folders are in one place. Every single one of them.
  • Access from ANY Device – access your Cloud Desktop from any computer, smartphone or tablet e.g. iPad or Android devices.
  • iPad Keyboard Integration – use your on-screen iPad keyboard when using any application on your Cloud Desktop e.g. Word.
  • No Syncing – Syncing is not required because you can access your Cloud Desktop from any device.
  • Remote Control – remotely control computers from an iPad or any tablet.
  • File Transfer – easy and secure file transfer from and to your Cloud Desktop.
  • Online Meetings, Download-Free – No downloads for meeting organizers or participants.
  • Secure File Storage – you can’t lose a Cloud Desktop. It’s in the Cloud! Never lose your files, folders, software applications, etc.
  • Low IT Costs – pay what you use on a monthly or yearly basis. No investment into expensive hardware, IT staff or licenses required.


  • Up to 100% guaranteed up time of all hosted desktops!
  • Daily, offsite data backups
  • FREE server hardware upgrades
  • Secure access to your virtual desktop cloud from any computer
  • Online virtual desktop managed software upgrades
  • Access your desktop cloud from your iPad / Android device
  • 128 bit SSL encryption
  • Remote access to all hosted desktop applications and data
  • Month-to-month Microsoft licensing
  • Local printing